Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When should we change settings?
A:  You should not change any settings to your current mail profile.  You will simply be adding a new mail account with the information provided.  You may add this new account to your mail client immediately.

Q:  Is there a webmail interface for the new mail hosting?
A:  Yes.  You must login with your full email address and password at

Q:  HELP! I'm not getting any email in Outlook/Thunderbird/PDA/BlackBerry/etc.
A: If you aren't getting any email into your mail client such as Thunderbird or Outlook, try logging into webmail at If you see messages in the webmail interface that aren't showing up in your mail client, you have something misconfigured in the mail client. Please consult the how-to guides or contact your software or phone provider for assistance.

Q:  Will my other email addresses (aliases) still come to me?
A:  Yes.  We've made every effort to find all aliases such as <firstname> and <first_initial>.<lastname> that should go to your mailbox.

Q:  Can I change my email password?
A:  Yes.  You can change your password by logging into the webmail interface at  Once logged in, click on Settings in the upper right corner then choose Change Password in the popup box.  Please note - if you change your email password, you will need to update it in your mail client and any other devices such as phones that you have setup for email.

Q:  Will I lose any email?
A:  No. During the mail transition, sending mail servers will send to either your old mailbox or the new location. At no time should sending servers be unable to reach one of those two locations or attempt sending to a nonexistent mail server.

Q:  Why am I still getting mail at my old mailbox?
A:  Once DNS has been changed to point your domain's mail hosting to the new mail servers, most everyone should be sending to your mailbox there. If you still receive a few messages to the old mailbox, it is likely the sending server hasn't received the updated DNS entries. There is nothing you or In10sity can do to change that behavior as it is up to the administrators at the sending server to ensure they receive updated DNS records in a timely fashion. It is also possible that the sender is sending messages from your old mail server which will deliver them locally to your old mailbox.

Q:  What does "sender address rejected" mean?
A:  If you are receiving this error in your mail client, you more than likely have several mail accounts setup (e.g. your ISP mail, GMail, your business mail, etc.). The most likely cause of this error is you've setup Rackspace servers as your default outgoing server and are trying to send mail for another account of yours through the Rackspace server. This setup will not work. Rackspace servers will only allow you to send email from an account that is hosted with them which your GMail or ISP mail is not. Consult your mail client's help for proper setup of outgoing (SMTP) servers.

Q:  Can I set an out of office message with the new mail system?
A:  Yes.  You can setup an auto-reply or out of office message by logging into the webmail interface at  Once logged in, click on Settings in the upper right corner then choose Incoming Mail.